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Good morning! I started this saturday with a little work out and soon I'm about to head out in the sun. How has your easter been? I have been cleaing, meeting friends, been outside in the sun (soooo nice weather nice weak!), updating Tise and so on. Hanne came home from Rome a couple of days ago, so today we're hanging out in the suuuuun! Have a good saturday



Okey, so I thought I would show you a few snapshots from the last week! I always love when other bloggers share more casual shots from the last's weeks, so not every picture is from a outfit shoot. Here we go!


The sun is shining brighter and brighter for each day that goes by, and it makes me so happy! I feel the need to be outside all the time, and my energi level is much higher! I mean, who doesn't love the sun!? We're already soon in April, and it's going so fast. Why is it always like this - the winter months feels soooo long, and as soon as the sun is shining the days just flies by too fast.


I'm actually planning on doing a little vintage shopping guide here on the blog, since I always get's questions about where I buy stuff. Almost everything in my appartment is vintage or second hand, and it feels GOOD. I love the looks of it, but it's also a good feeling that it's not massproduced. The shot above is from my absolute favourite shop Fransk Bazar, where we have bought lamps, mirrors, tables, vases and so on.


I discovered Soho Urban Eatery through going to events, since they delivers the food to a lot of them. I tasted the sickest icorice "balls" (hah) at one event, and needed to find out who made it asap! It's actually raw food, which makes it even makes and tasted so good. They're at the third floor at Oslo City if you want to check them out. They have lunch, juices, goooood coffee and also cinnamon buns right out the oven. I'm obsessed! I went there for lunch with Hanne on saturday, and it tasted deliiiisssh.


I consider my friend Cathrine family after all these years, and she has the cutest children which I love a lot. Here's me and Maria which is the oldest, and her little baby Emily was born just 5 months ago and is the cutest little thing. She's so precious. Hopefully I'll get to see all of them a lot in 2018! The older I get, the more I understand the it isn't just the ones that are family on paper that really is family.


I celebrated a friends 30th birthday last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Always smart to leave polaroid cameras at the tables! I was so tired on sunday, hah, but managed to get out in the sun after a while!


I'm actually quite addicted to walking. I need to just walk around once in a while, and usually I just walk from home to grunerløkka to get a coffee or do some window shopping for a couple of house. I usually do it alone, while listening to some music, but I love to have company as well. That's one of the things I love most about spring, summer and fall - all the walks outside without freezing my ass off.




So, this week has been amazing so far. I've been doing things I feel like I never have the time to do, and one of those things is cleaning out my closet. I'm updating my Tise as we speak, and it's always such a nice feeling that something can get a new home instead of just hanging in my closet..! What are you doing this easter? Skiing, maybe? Or are you doing easter in the city?