MONDAY I started monday with a trip to Stockholm! I'm was there for work, and I had two wonderful days in this sweet city.

TUESDAY Our plane didn't leave until 15:00, so after a little coffee and breakfast, we headed to our meeting first, then we took a look around the city! We're were checking out a couple of stores and just relaxing before we headed to the airport. When I came home I worked a little bit, made dinner and went to bed early after I moved everything out of the bedroom that getting painted on wednesday!

WEDNESDAY I startet my day too early because I just couldn't sleep any longer. I woke up at 05:00.. Which is somewhat nice, because now I've had to time to write two blogposts and enjoy my coffee without stressing. I hate stressing in the morning. Now I soon have to get ready since the painter is stopping by at 07:30 and I have a meeting at 09:00!

THURSDAY Thursday is a national holiday, so I would very much like to just take it easy and watch movies in bed, but that's not happening, haha. I'm meeting up a friend for coffee which I'm looking forward to, and because this week is already short work wise because of my Stockholm trip I have to finish up a little work during the day!

FRIDAY Friday will be a hectic day, and there is a lot of things that needs to finish up before we enter june. I'm very excited for june! Hanne and I are going on our first buying trip together for Cavour Woman and it'll just be an exciting month. But, back to friday. I don't really have any plans, except a nail appointment, which I now remember that I need to reschedule..

Did you have a good start to the week, and do you have some exciting plans?

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just sippin on some coffee

So, I just got home from Stockholm last night. I was there for work, and it was a short and fun trip! Today I had to get up bright and early since the painter dude is coming over this morning before I'm heading to work. I'm actually really unsure about the color I was. Initially I had my mind set on pink, but lately i've been feeling a more peachy vibe. And I can't seem to find the right pink. Do you have any suggestions?

Right now I'm feeling these colors from Jotun: Senses, Devine, Deco Pink and Blushing Pink. Do any of you have any experiences with these? I' like Warm Blush too, but I've comed to the conclusion the it's too "dark" for the look I want.

After I let the painter in I'm heading to a meeting and then I have to get a lot of social media work done, before I hurry home to decide which color I want in my bedroom. I'll probably update my stories on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there!



Ellos has really stepped up their game, I mean, it has always been a nice selection but now it's NICE. I'm really into interior these days, so let me know if it's too much about my apartment and interior here on the blog ❥ Yesterday I finally found someone who can paint my soon to be-bedroom which means that once he's done, it's time to do my "office". It will almost be like a little living room, as I want a small couch, some tables, maybe a ottoman and lots of plants! And of course a desk so I have somewhere to sit and work. I can't wait. Under here you can see some of my inspiration for the new space!