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Good mornin, ya'll. So, I'm finally back to my precious red. I like to switch it up once in a while, but I'm always the happiest when I have red nails (even though that might sound pathetic, hah!) I just think red matches my style/outfits, it just adds a certain touch. This is actually a new red, but it's very similar to my favourite that went out of production. So it's my new fave! How about you? What are your "go to colors"?



N E W  N A I L S

So, I saw these nails on someone and just had to try it! I really liked it. It's a very natural nude, with a little red dot on each nail ❥ These pictures are actually a little bit old, and I stopped by S&M after work today to re-do my nails. Now it's back to my beloved red!
After work today I came home to a pink living room, woho. Only half of it though, the rest is going to be a beige/grey-ish. He is coming back on Sunday for stroke two on the pink, then he'll get started on the other color on Monday. I can't wait for it to get done since I'm currently in Hanne's old bedroom, which is now a storage room but also the only place I can sit down at the moment ha ha.



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I've been wanting to make a post like this for ages, and since my favourites changes during a year I'll make sure to make a new one in a couple of months. These are the products I use on a day to day basis, and at the moment can't live without.


I've been using this combo in the last months, and I really, really love it. Earlier I've been using an Estee Lauder foundation but this one from IT Cosmetics is a cheaper but VERY good alternative. The primer is perfect for my oily skin and makes my foundation stay matte and in place all day long. The foundation also comes in a version for oily skin, so I'm going to test that one real soon and see if I like it even better. You can find the foundation here, and the primer here. (reklame/adlink & sponset produkt)


I don't have the patience for doing hair treatments in the shower, so my solution is leave in treatments. I usually do the Shu Uemura one 1-2 times a week, and I always leave it in at night when I know I'm washing my hair the morning after. I've noticed that I'm still able to style my hair like normal even though I do it in the morning, but now it's become a habit to do it the night before I wash my hair, ha ha. I always use the one from Kérastase in wet hair since it's heat protective and leaves my hair soft and nice. You can find the one from Kérastase here and the one from Shu Uemura here. (reklame/adlink & sponset produkt)


I got this one recommended from my hairdresser probably a year ago, and I really, really love what it does to my hair. I wear it the most when I'm doing waves, and want more of a laidback look. It just gives texture, and I love products that do what they say! You can find it here. (reklame/adlink & sponset produkt)


There was a time when I just wore one perfume for many, many years, but those days are over, hah. I've been wearing this precious gem from Bvlgari lately, and I really love it. It's called Goldea! I got it a few weeks ago, and it just smells amazing. (As you can see, I'm also using the other one in the picture a lot, it's the Mon Guerlain from Guerlain and it smells delicious) You can find the Bvlgari one here and the one from Guerlain here (reklame/adlink & sponset produkt)


I hope you like these kind of posts. For 2019 I want to make more space for beauty and interior, so I hope you're ready! I'm currently testing a lot of products while I'm still using my basics listed above, so we'll see in a couple of months if my favourites have changed. I juuusssst had dinner, and now my plan is to try to relax the rest of the night after I finish one more thing on my do to list. Tomorrow I'm showing you a very pretty piece from the new Maud collection, so stay tuned! Have a nice evening, we'll talk more tomorrow 💗