Okay, so my apartment is getting more and more done every day, of course there is missing pieces here and there and I still have to do my hallway, bathroom and kitchen.. But that wont be now so let's focus on my living room, dining area, office and bedroom. I don't have before-pictures the room that is my bedroom now (it used to be Hanne's bedroom!) but I'll post after pictures of that one as well. When I snapped these pictures I had recived some of the furniture that's here now, so that is why the couch, chairs and bench are the same as now!


When we moved in, we just needed a quick fix so we did the floor and just painted everything white. I always felt like it was a little bit too white? Ha ha. It feels kind of sterile, even though we had lots of stuff, white walls just felt wrong. So that's why the first thing I wanted to get done was to put some color on the walls! I feel like we had so many pretty things but the things didn't quite fit the space they were in.


Wow, when I look at these pictures I feel like my old bedroom looks kind of chaotic. It doesn't look finished. This is the room that is becoming my office! I chose the room with the most daylight to be my office, so I can snap pictures in there at (almost) all hours of the day! I'm changing the floor on tuesday so I'm super excited! We also removed the built in closet in the corner to get a little bit more space!


The biggest difference is probably my dining area/kitchen because I removed the kitchen island. It bugged me for three years so it felt GOOD to finally get it done, ha ha. I have also bought a beautiful table which fits up to 10 people, or 6-8 if we want a lot of space. Ha ha. I put it to the test when I celebrated my birthday with friends and family two weeks ago, and we were in total 10 people around my pretty table so it stood the test. I can't wait for my kitchen to be done, but it won't be now so I just have to be patient.

I'm really happy with how it has turned out so far, and now I can't wait to see the finished result in my office, which will be ready this week. I still need some furniture for that room, but I haven't decided on everything yet so I'll show it together with everything else. I'll update you as soon as possible with pictures of how it turned out! Are you excited?! I know I am, hah. Have a lovely sunday, darlings.




I started this day super early, since I was making tapas for 10 people today. It went so well! Mom and Hanne brought cake, so we had lots of food, cake and coffee. Such a nice day with my closest friends and family. I didn't have the time to snap pictures of the table all set up, but it looked so nice with my vintage plates and everything. I got such amazing gift, I'm so lucky.

I got these two Rachel Cusk books, I read a lot in my younger days but I haven't read in a while. Lately I've been missing everything about reading books. I feel the need to just read a book while I'm relaxing on my balcony while sipping on my morning coffee. It's relaxing on a whole other level. Have any of you read these? I got the pretty flowers from a dear friend. ♡




Haha, I've been thinking about getting a couch for my office since I don't really have a plan for what I want in there. I need a place to sit and work, of course, but that's the only thing I know I need thus far. I know I want some art on my walls and stuff like that, but it's still going to have a empty feeling to it with just a little work space in one corner. I haven't moved it into my office yet because of my floor situation, so right now my livingroom is crowded ..

So, the other day I was swiping through Tise (I do that a lot, also eBay, Finn and Etsy!) and I found this perfect gem! I didn't really want green because of my green ceiling, but I actually think it works perfectly!