Okay, so you guys already know that I'm very busy with the opening of Cavour Woman but now it's only a couple of days left. It absolutely terrifying and at the same time so fucking exciting. I'm currently spending my Saturday night adding products to our webshop after spending the day shooting some pictures of Christian Louboutin and Smythson, ha ha. Lately, my life has been 100% all about work, and I honestly haven't had the energy to put together a blog post after a 10 hours long workday. It's been work, dinner, sleep, which is fine at the moment since I'm overly excited about my job but at the same time I really miss having a social life so I can't wait until we are open and things can go back to normal. The last months has been very hectic, and I'm sure the upcoming months will be as well but at least then it's more maintenance and not doing hundreds of things we don't really know how to do. It's been a lot of learning by doing, which is actually very fun since we are learning so, so, SO much. I've also been kind of put off by my own blog lately, because I really don't like the design and I want to go back to just have my own domain again like I used to. It will happen in the near future, and that will for sure give me a little boost when it comes to blogging.

The prettiest flowers

After I was done shooting I met up with Marte from @Torka_blomster to pick up this lovely bouquet which is going to be in our store. I love everything she does, and as much as I love fresh flowers, it's really nice to be able to have them for a longer time or forever if you want to! Okay, now I'm just going to upload a couple of more products before I'm ending this day with a movie in bed. Have a good night :)

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