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Happy monday guys! I skipped last weeks weekly plans post, or I didn't skip it on purpose but I didn't really have time to even think about the blog so I realised now that I didn't post anything for a whole week. Shit man! That won't happen again. I like posting at least 2-3-4 posts a week. I don't really even know why, I don't know if that many actually reads my blog anymore but I like to write, and I like to have a platform. As I mentioned on saturday, my plan is to go back to my own domain and then I'll also change the layout and set up of the blog so that's really exciting. Okay, here we go!

MONDAY On friday before I went home we got a huge delivery at work with lots of suits from Cavour Woman. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but in addition to external brands, we also have our own brand, Cavour Woman. We have suits, knits, pants, silk basics, scarves and so on. It's really, really nice. But, point is that today we need to see what has arrived and plan looks for the last shoot for our webshop which is tomorrow. And I just got home, so it was a long day at work indeed. Now I'm just eating some candy and chilling a little bit before it's time to sleep so I wake up rested tomorrow.

TUESDAY The big day! This is the last shoot before we open, so it's very important to get 100% done with everything. As soon as the shoot is over, we need to jump into a taxi and get back to the store to unpack everything.

WEDNESDAY Wednesday will be spent uploading products to Cavour.co! We are launching the website the same day as the store opens, so everything needs to be a 100%. I'm guessing it'll be a long day at work, but I'll try to snap my look during the day!

THURSDAY OPENING DAY!! iiiiiih! We have a opening event from 17-20:00, and then we are heading out to dinner to celebrate. I'm sure I will post pictues from the event later, so stay tuned!

FRIDAY Our first official day as an open store! Insane. It's only been 5 months since I've started at Cavour but it's one of those things where it feels like I've worked here forever and at the same time I'm like, whaaaat how the hell did those 5 months just fly by?! This will be a very special day indeed, and I'm so excited. So, so, so excited!

What about you guys, do you have any nice plans this week?

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