GERMANY, Every Day Life

The time is really going so fast.. It's already been more than a month you heard something from me here.. Do you also feel sometimes that you're not doing something special but never have enough time or that you have to less time for all the things you want to do? Well I've realised this is just normal life and I'm sure you all know what I mean.. It sounds maybe a bit silly but I'm really trying to not be depressed since it is dark like 80% of the day and it feels like I'm doing nothing else than working, eating, sleeping and repeat.. Yes it is hard but it's getting better and my new job really make life more fun. My new job wich isn't so supernew anymore is really interesting. I'm working as a Country Manager for SpaDreams Sweden which is so cool. I'm responsible for the swedish market and SpaDreams is a international tour operatior for wellness trips. I'm really happy that Niklas found this job and that I got the chance to try my wings here. I really feel like I develop and my new collegues are really so nice! We are sitting like in a big office and there are so many people from abroad since we have SpaDreams in other countries as well. t's such a nice mix in the office between talking english, practise my german and to listen daily to so many other languages.

The company invited us for a Christmas party in Frankfurt last week for meeting our other collegues there. It was so much fun and it was really nice to talk with everyone outside the office environment. We went first to the Christmas market in Frankfurt when we arrived..

.. and after we had checked in at the hotel we went to a club where we also ate buffédinner in the evening. Later on some of us continued to a second club where they played 80's/90's music. The night was very long so on the trainride home the day after we were all just sleeping.

This past weekend was busy busy busy. I hung out with some collegues after work on friday and we got invited for food which was so tasty. It was so cozy to just sit and talk. On saturday Niklas woke me up when his grandma and Manuela came for a visit. Exactly when they went Pascal came since we had planned to celebrate Denis in the evening. We had promised though to meet Niklas relatives in Lübeck so we went there at about 6pm and then back home at 11pm and met everyone up. It was so much fun to meet the friends from Burger King again. Denis had fixed a table at the club Joy which is located quite close by here where we are living and we basically closed the place at 5 am.. That evening or no the whole day really went so fast.. Time really flies when you're in good company!

Since our car has been completely our life for the past months you maybe wanna get an update on that too. 😉 Niklas and his dad took together apart the whole front part of the car since they needed to change something behind. I almost cried when I saw it afterwards haha.. I thought how will we ever get that back together and maybe you understand why? Since we already had taken out the kitchen/floor and now this.. It was feeling like 1000 steps back with the car but I knew as soon as we would put it together again my worries would dissapear, it just looked worse than it was. They managed to change the small part and Niklas had found some car-lights online so we spend almos two days with trying to fix them on the car in some way and it was much more tricky than it maybe looks..

.. but in the end we got it and I'm proud over us though since we managed to not get too pissed to eachother when we screwed everything back haha. And the lights was also workning so we got so happy. I have to admit that we also got a bit of help from the boyfriend of Niklas sister who is supertalented when it comes to cars so he helped us a bit with the electronic parts of the lamps and connect them to the switch. Now the car is getting fixed so that the rust will be taken away. Next step after that will be to put floor and kitchen inside again and I'm already so excited!



GERMANY, Every Day Life, Van Life

So today, sunday is the end of my first week at my new job. I felt that it was time to leave my job at Burger King even though I will miss some of my collegues there.. Niklas helped me a couple of weeks ago to search for other jobs and the first one I applied for I got! I was a bit surprised but so happy and now I've already worked there for a week. It is a very interesting job and I'm learning a lot every day! I will tell you more about it in the next blog post 😉

Saturday last week, the day I did my last day at Burger King, Niklas dad invited us for dinner at Wirtshaus Oering since he had have birthday and it was so cozy. We were almost alone in the restaurant part but it was really nice anyway. Then I got the chance to go around and take some nice pictures hehe.

Niklas school had arranged a Halloween party during tuesday evening, the northern part of Germany have wednesday the 31st as a holiday and it's new since this year, so there were many Halloween partys going on during tuesday night. We dressed out a bit but it's so difficult to know how to dress out I think so we did it quite simple.. Some scary lenses and some fake blood and finish! The evening didn't end so good though because someone stole my jacket and my new scarf and there were a fight so they had to close everything and the police came.. So yeah that sucked but I just hope my things will come back in some way to me.

Niklas did again a really good deal and found a minifridge for only €90. It's a really good brand and it works both with electricity and gas. We will not use the gas though since it is too dangerous and we have to move the wall on the side since the fridge is a little bit to wide.. But I'm sure we'll find a good solution for that!

Even though we just installed the fridge we had to take it out again.. We have, with the help of Niklas dad some days ago taken out the kitchen, and yesterday we continued with the floor. We need to get some rust away on the outside of the car and some "car experts" have told us that we even should check under the floor and behind the kitchen for rust so that we are not missing something.. The kitchen had so many screws and so many were "hidden" so it took some hours even though we were three and then the floor had like 1.000.000 skrews also and some were so rusty so it was almost not possible to get away.. But when we finally got the floor away we found one hole from the rust but it was anyway looking good since that isn't to much of a trouble to fix, I hope anyway! We took out the kitchen carefully since we want to keep it (we just have to find a solution for the wall on the side of the fridge as you could see inte right picture above) and the floor we will change since this one was destroyed, sticky and just not nice.. 



GERMANY, Every Day Life, Van Life

Now it was a while ago since I wrote someting here again. We have been really busy and it feels like I'm doing nothing else then work and after work, eating, buying food or cleaning and yeah.. Just simply "every day life". I thought I will show you some things what we have done with our van anyway. We have been very effective if I can say it myself. Since mine and Niklas studying/working times (like that I'm off in the week and working most 12-21 shifts and so on..) and Niklas off in the weekends it has been a bit tricky to find time where we had time together so that we could fix with our beauty..

One of the first things we did when we came to Germany was that we drove it to the car mechanic (we are very lucky that we know one special where we can go with the car and who we really trust.). He said that we did a really good deal and the car was in very good condition. He wrote a list of things we could fix by ourself and then he would do some things later.

In the pictures below yo can see when we colored the front frame of the car. It was quite a lot of rost and Niklas found some good things for that which kind of "took away" the rost or how to say it. So then just the other day we got totally finished with it and painted it white so now it's looking like new!

Niklas found an new gaspipe online so we changed that and it was much more difficult and took more time than we frist thought..

The old gaspioe had so much rost so that there were even holes through.

.. and Niklas found again online a very good deal. We got 9 seats for 100 so really cheap! So it was two pair of seats with three seats connected together like a sofa and then the single driver seat and a double seat next to it. We didn't think the double seat fit in our van since we are usually only two who will drive and then it's more comfortable to only have two single seats in the front. Niklas went then online again and found a guy who wanted our doubble front seat in exchange to a single one (it was the same kind also) so it was a perfect match! We changed the seat by ourself and that took also much more time than we thought.. But I guess that's normal while fixing with cars haha.

One more amazing deal Niklas did online was to find the protections (or I think even has a own name but I don't know what it's called hehe) for the wheels for only 1 for all four!?! Usually they cost about 100-150 so how he did that I don't know. He really have a good talent for this and I'm very happy for that. We got, as a present since Niklas has birthday soon and as a christmas present, new tyres from Niklas dad which was so nice of him. I could never ask for something like that, so very kind of him really. We didn't want to have the trouble that we have to take them on and off, like summer and winter tyres, so we got the kind which is working for both.

We bought also a new handle to the side door since both the inside and outisde handle were broken kind of when we bought the van.

We have also made the inside a bit cozier. We found some plastic plants at Ikea and Niklas had an old beamer/projektor so we have now like a cinema in the car haha. I just hope we will not only watch TV while we are driving out but I can at the same time imagine that it's really cozy when it's raining outside or someting like that.

I put up some light what we bought at Ullared Gekås on our road trip in Sweden. I sewed also like hangers for the "white wall" for when we wanna watch a movie.

There's of course still more things we want to fix.. But that's how it is always I guess. I'm so happy about our car. Can't wait to go on a road trip again! 😍